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Thursday, February 21 should be closed day in all facilities.

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Privacy Policy

We respect customer by associated laws and ordinances observing various models, guidelines when it deals with personal information in duties in deference to privacy policy, and our recognizing personal information protection with important duty, and making fate, office rule for personal information protection, and all employees acting as privacy policy for observance observance of a contract as follows and will answer trust and expectation for us.

1.About identification of use purpose
When I take personal information of customer, we identify the use purpose as much as possible beforehand, and we tell and do not use other than the purpose.
2.About the acquisition of personal information
When I take personal information from customer directly, we state the use purpose clearly and will have agreement of customer. In addition, we notify customer of the use purpose or announce when we acquire personal information of customer by other methods and when we change use purpose.
3.About appropriate management
We establish "personal information protection management basics rules" to manage personal information that I took from customer by fair method and maintain and improve continuously. In addition, we carry out appropriate education to our all employees and plan observance enforcement.
4.About conduct of safety measures
We take appropriate safety management measures for unauthorized access to personal information, loss, manipulation, leak of personal information to secure accuracy of personal information that I took from customer and safety. In addition, about trust to deal with our duties, we supervise so that appropriate safety management is performed.
5.About the observance of laws and ordinances, model
We observe laws and ordinances applied to protection of personal information and other models.

The enforcement: April 1, 2005
Yokohama Okada-ya
President Nobuhiro Okada
Inquiry about privacy policy: 045-414-5001 (flat the sun and the moon ~ gold 9:30~17:30)