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Thursday, February 21 should be closed day in all facilities.

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NEW OPEN!!! for a limited time [3F/coche et coche (koshuekoshu) <shoes>]

9/28( iron) ...
NEW OPEN!!! for a limited time
3F/coche et coche (koshuekoshu) <shoes>
It is casual fashion shoes brand that natural & for woman who is sensitive to trend is cute.
Including taste, walking, flattie of forest girl, men's kids' shoes handle widely.
[★ opening privilege ★]
①From Friday, September 28 to Sunday, October 14
It is 10%OFF by purchase with two pairs of shoes more than 1,990 yen!
②Limited to Monday, October 1
Mowers point 21 times up!
Please come to the store to 3F/coche et coche (koshuekoshu) at this opportunity.